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2016 Fujian Province Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition


I. Theme

Innovation Driven, Manufacturing Lead


II. Organizations


Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission

The People's Government of Quanzhou City

Industrial Design Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education

Chinese Institute of Design



The people's Government of Jinjiang City

Quanzhou Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission



Fujian Industrial Design Association

Quanzhou Industrial Design Association

Jinjiang Industrial Design Association

Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia


Corporation Partner:

China Industry News Agency

China Sporting Goods Federation

Korea Institute of Design Promotion

Korea Association of Industrial Designers

Asia University Emotional Design Research Center

Guangdong Industrial Design Association

Zhejiang Industrial Design Association

Fujian Industrial Design and Service Industry Technology Development Base

Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Centre

Xiamen Industrial Design Association

Zhangzhou Industrial Design Association

Zhongguancun Industrial Design Association

Huaqiao University Institute of Industrial Design

Strategic Alliance of Fujian Industrial Technology Innovation


III. Eligibility to Participate

Both domestic and oversea manufacturing enterprise, industrial design institutions, professional academy's teachers and students, and enthusiastic freelance designers of all walks of life can submit entries to participate in the competition individually or in the name of enterprise, institution or team.


IV. Competition Categories

Garment, sports product (except sportswear, similarly hereinafter), smart gadget, consumer electronics and other industrial design products or entries that are forward-looking and practical in light industry.


V. Entry Requirements

1. All entries shall be original, shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. Any entry that is identical or similar with a submitted entry, or already awarded in other industrial design competition(s) in the past shall not participate. Participant shall assume any legal liability for his/her entry plagiarism and stealing trade secrets, and the Competition Committee is entitled to unilaterally cancel his/her eligibility to participate and award at any stage.

2. All entries shall fall within the competition categories.

3. All entries shall have market value and be realizable.

4. Where any entry is found and verified involved in intellectual property rights dispute after award, the Committee will cancel its award eligibility and take back the trophy and bonus, and will not fill the corresponding vacant award.

5. One entry shall be submitted in one category, where any entry is found repeatedly submitted, its participant’s eligibility shall be cancelled.


VI. Application Materials

1. Application Form of 2016 Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition.

2. Submit one English-Chinese bilingual vertical layout with the measurement of 300mm×550mm, including entry name, overall design sketch, local design sketch, appearance and size image, design description and entry introduction. The file format of layout shall be JPG with the resolution of 300dpi.

3. Submit one PowerPoint presentation (ppt) containing not more than 6 pages. Please upload the presentation in JPEG format page-by-page (720*540px each page, 72dpi, not larger than 3MB). The presentation’s content shall be English-Chinese bilingual, including entry theme, entry’s overall and key detailed design sketches, structure model image, design description and creativity description that focus on the entry’s pioneering characteristic, innovation, practicability, aesthetic effect, human-machine engineering, quality, environmental friendliness, economical efficiency, etc.

4. A participant can decide whether to provide entry video. The duration of video shall not be longer than 60 seconds and the size not larger than 10MB, its format shall be MOV、WMV、AVI、SWF、MPEG or MPG with English-Chinese bilingual subtitles.

5. Vertical layout, presentation and the content of entry video shall contain the title “2016 Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition”. However, the participating enterprise’s name, and participant’s organization and name (both English name and Pinyin abbreviation), or any icon and pattern related to participant’s identity shall not appear, otherwise such entry shall be deemed ineligible.


VII. Application Method

1. Registration: all participants need to sent the Entry form and works to this e-mail address:  /

If the file size is too big you may use any type of cloud-base storage such as WetransferDropboxSendthisfile, etc., by sending the appropriate link with the registration form.

2. Participants shall submit digital documents of application materials including the Application Form, images, presentation, and video to the Competition’s e-mail address:  / .  prior to August 15, 2016, otherwise such application shall be deemed invalid.

3. Individual participants (including multi-person organizational participants) shall seriously fill in all information online. The name and ID No. in Application Form (ID card number uniformly for domestic participants and passport number for oversea participants) will be the only valid certificate for receiving award.

4. Organizational participants shall fill in full enterprise name, business license number, organization code certificate and contacts. The photocopies of business license or organization code certificate as well as the organization’s certificate of authorization shall be the only valid certificate for receiving award, provided that such documents are affixed with official seal.

5.The more information and download the Entry Form and the Letter of Commitment

can find from:


VIII. Award

(I) Award Plan

The Competition consists of 5 categories including Garment, Sports Product, Smart Gadget, Consumer Electronics and Comprehensive. For each category, 1 Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards, 3 Bronze Awards and 10 Honorable Mentions will be decided, and 1 Excellent Award will be selected from 5 Gold Awards.





















Notes: Excellent Award winners shall not enjoy the bonus for Gold Award of that category. If any of the said Garment, Sports Product, Smart Gadget, and Consumer Electronics categories receives less than 300 entries, that category will be called off, and entries will be merged with the Comprehensive Category.

(II) Additional Awards

1. There will be 3 Participation Organization Awards. For organizations that actively organize, participate and make good accomplishment in this Competition, the Competition Committee will grant each organization a certificate and a bonus of 30 thousand yuan.

(III) Supporting Policies

1. Where the winners of Excellent Award, Gold Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award of Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition want to start a business or seek job in Jinjiang, they can go to Jinjiang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau with Award Certificate to apply for the qualification of excellent talent, and enjoy subsidies, allowances, housing security, entrepreneurship supports and Jinjiang City’s other supporting policies exclusively for excellent talents.

2. Where the winners of Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition start businesses in relevant cultural creativity industry parks and zones of Jinjiang, they, with Award Certificate, can enjoy Jinjiang’s policies that encourage excellent talents to enter its cultural creativity industry parks and zones.

3. Where the manufacturing enterprises of Fujian Province purchase the entries that passed preliminary assessment and develop them into products, such developments will be listed in the industrial design achievement development special projects of provincial, municipal and county levels in priority, and relevant supports will be given.

IX. Schedule

1. Entry submission deadline: August 15, 2016.

2. Preliminary assessment: in late August.

3. Entry exhibition: in middle September.

4. Final assessment: in middle and late October.

5. Award ceremony and relevant activities: in middle and late October.

The Competition Committee will hold the award ceremony for 2016 Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition, and invite award winners and people of all walks of life to attend; meanwhile, the Committee will select intended manufacturing enterprises of Fujian Province to partner with participants of crowdfunding entries. After profound design and optimization of such entries, the trial-production, mass-production and sales will be carried out on Taobao Crowdfunding, Jingdong Crowdfunding and other crowdfunding platforms. Cooperative enterprises that have optimized entries are entitled to go to State Intellectual Property Office to apply for intellectual property rights protection, and participants have the right of signature; if a crowdfunding is successful, the participant may enjoy a design bonus based on a certain ratio of the crowdfunding product’s revenue.


X. Achievement Management

(I). The Competition Committee is entitled to promote and advertise all participating products and entries in manner of presentation, exhibition, publicity, etc. Without authorization of the Committee and authors (or participating enterprises), any organization, individual, and third party shall not promote or advertise any participating entries in manner of redesign, producing, sale, presentation, publicity, exhibition, etc, otherwise the Committee and authors are entitled to hold such organization, individual, and third party legally liable. Awarded entries of this 2016 Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition will be exhibited in the pavilion of Jinjiang International Industrial Design Park for a long-term.

(II). For design plans or products with industrialization prospects, the Committee may organize participants to meet with manufacturing enterprises of Fujian Province and facilitate the industrialization of design achievements.

(III). The Committee will compile a Collection of Awarded Entries, and exhibit and promote in domestic and oversea exhibitions to add weight to Fujian Province “Channel Cup” Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition.


XI. Contact


Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia

Contatct Persons: Sha Feng, Sofia Lu

Tel: 0039 3318264849; 0039 3807757868


All foreign works were submitted to the Organizing Committee of Italy



Address: Room 505, No.1 Building, International Industrial Design Park, Hongshan Cultural Creativity Industry Park, Qingyang, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province;

Contact Persons: Chen Liping, Bao Lianhua;




The office of Competition Committee is responsible for the interpretation of this Notice.

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