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The Sixth “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale

(China ·Wuhan) Solicitation Letter



Ten years until now has witnessed five successful “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale. Wuhan along the Yangtze River, long reputed as the “Thoroughfare to nine provinces”, congregates cultures from eastern China and western China. And Wuhan, a strategic pivot for rise of central China, will play a more and more important role in future economic and cultural exchanges between the east and the west.

Based on its previous Poster Design, the “East + West” International Design Week incorporates International Illustration Exhibition, Typography Design Exhibition and Package & Design Exhibition. The “East + West” International Design Week strives to foster a communicational platform for design culture and design education faced with cultural exchanges and collision of oriental traditional culture and western modern culture. Five series of East & West” International Design Weeks in the last ten years have provided a stage for many excellent designers and college students both at home and abroad to participate, thus greatly impacting the circle of international design culture and design education with remarkable reputation. We uphold the spirit of innovation to devote ourselves to promoting the confluence and exchanges of design works with advanced international design concept and orientalism, deepening Wuhan’s construction of “a city of five cultures”, enhancing the international reputation of Wuhan and advancing together the prosperity of profession of artistic design in Chinese higher education.


Academically instructed by: Graphic Design Artistic Committee of China Artists Association

Sponsors: Propaganda Department of Wuhan Municipal Committee, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Hubei Artists Association

Organizers: Department of Design of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Art Gallery of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan Art Paper Packaging Co., Ltd.

Supported by: City of Design Promotion Center of Wuhan, Wuhan Publishing Group

Co-organizer: Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Cultural Development Company

Exclusive online support: Visual China Group

Professional media support: Package & Design, New Graphic, Yachang Art Website, Academic Fine Arts of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Press support: Changjiang Daily, Wuhan Evening, Wuhan Morning, Hubei Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden News, Changjiang Times, Academic Fine Arts of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Hubei TV, Wuhan TV, China News Service Hubei Website, Xinhua Net Hubei Channel, Jingchu Net

Producer: Xu Yongmin

Counsels: Chen Hanqiao, Liang Yuangang, Lu Bin, Dou Xianping, Xu Fen, Liu Maoping, Wu Jingbo, Liu Chunbing, Shi Zhenhua

Academic support: He Jie, Guo Xianlu, Luo Li, Miao Dengyu, Li Zhngyang, Wu Yong, Han xu, Song Xiewei, Wang Shaoqiang

Chairman: Xu Fen

Vice-chairmen: Wu Ping, Zhang Jie

Secretary-General: Yuan Xiaoshan

Deputy Secretary-Generals: Luo Yuanhong, Wang Lingyi, Hu Xinqiao, Zhang Pu, Tu Zhichu

Office directors: Mei Wenqing, Wang Shuzhi, Zhang Le, Hu Lingjun

Office staff: Wang Kexin, Wang Wei, Tian Ge, Tian Wenzhi, Zhu Zhiping, Zhu Junhua, Zhu Jingbo, Liu Nian, Liu Yan, Liu Shuo, Liu Yuan, He Qingjun, Chen Rihong, Chen Baohong, Luo Hui, Huang Jing, Chen Wei, Cheng Ke, Lu Qiongyang, Yan Lin, Dai Meng, Pu Wenjuan (listed in order of surname strokes)

In Association with: 

Pennsylvania State University (USA)

 Colorado State University (USA)

Institute of the Arts of Universitat Dusseldorf (Germany)

Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)

Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium)

Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music (Japan)

Hongik University (South Korea)

Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea)

The Central Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University

China Academy of Art

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Fine Arts College of Shanghai University

Shandong University of Art and Design

Nanjing University of the Arts

Guangxi Arts Institute

Beijing Forestry University

School of Art and Design of Hubei University of Technology

School of Art and Design of Wuhan University of Technology

College of Fine Arts of the South-Central University for Nationalities

College of Art and Design of Wuhan Textile University

School of Art of Jianghan University

School of Fine Arts of Huanggang Normal University

School of Fine Arts and Design of Hubei Engineering University

School of Art and Design of Wuhan Polytechnic Institute


Chairman of Poster Biennale: Fan Hancheng

Curators: Yan Lin, Tu Zhichu

Judges in the final evaluation:

He Jie (Director of Graphic Design Artistic Committee of China Artists Association, professor of Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, doctoral tutor )

Guo Xianlu (Dean of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, professor, doctoral tutor)

Dodo ·Schielein (Teacher of Visual Design subject, Hamburg Harburg Industrial University, doctor)

Helena ·Barbosa (Dean of the School of Design, Faculty of Communication and Arts, Aveiro University, professor)

Fan Hancheng (Profesor of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, chairman of “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale)

Miao Dengyu (Vice president of Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts, professor, master instructor)

Judges in the initial evaluation:

Bi Xuefeng (Vice president of Department of Design of China Academy of Art, professor)

Xiao Yong (Professor of Department of Design of The Central Academy of Fine Arts)

Wang Shaoqiang (Director of Guangdong Art Museum, professor)

Liu Yongqing (Chairman of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association)

Tu Zhichu (Associate professor of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts)



2016 “East + West” International Design Week And “East + West” Feature Exhibition for the Tenth Anniversary

The Sixth “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale (China ·Wuhan)  Poster Works Collection

The Sixth “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale (China ·Wuhan) Poster Works Awards Exhibition

Poster Invitational Exhibition of “East + West” Design Masters (China ·Wuhan)



Formally launched on November 25, 2016 and collecting works around the globe;

Until March 15, 2017 for collection of works (subject to the date on postmark of acceptance);

Ended on March 19, 2017 for the Preliminary Evaluation;

Ended on March 31, 2017 for the Final Evaluation;

Awarded, exhibited on April 3, 2017 with announcement of awards.

Works for Collection


  1. Feature poster

  2. Cultural poster

  3. Public service poster

  4. Commercial poster

Themes of works

A  Themed posters

Theme: Future

  1. Future of China

  2. Wuhan 2049

  3. Beautiful Future

  4. All relevant thoughts on future

B  Non-themed posters


Qualification for competition

Competitors shall be enrolled graduates, undergraduates, junior colleges students for bachelor degrees, junior college students and further trainees (including fresh graduates) in full-time junior colleges at home and abroad majoring in design.


Awards setting:

“East + West” Future Designer Prize: one winner

Awarded with 20,000 RMB and honor certificate

Golden prize: one winner

Awarded with 10,000 RMB and honor certificate

Silver prize: 3 winners

Each awarded with 5,000 RMB and honor certificate

Bronze awards: 6 winners

Each awarded with 3,000 RMB and honor certificate

Excellence award: 50 winners (awarded with certificates)

Candidate award: 239 winners (granted with entry works certificates)

“East + West” Excellent Works Instruction Award: 20 winners (awarded with honor certificates)

“East + West” Competition Organization Award: 20 winners (awarded with honor certificates)


Requirements for submissions:

  1. Overseas Recommended Entries Submission

  2. Each entry must be submitted online A4 electronic documents (no more than 4 works of each poster series and no more than 3 person for one work). The electronic version shall comply with the following requirements: a printed electronic document in the convenience of online release and flat printing, ( A4 size, no lower than 300dpi, color mode RGB, single work file is not greater than 5M )restored in the form of JPEG.

3. Participants are required to upload a written confirmation of the intellectual property right and a student card scanning document . The confirmation form is included in the entry form.


Application fees:




Applied works shall be created by competitors, otherwise the qualification for entry will be cancelled by the Organizing Committee and competitors shall be liable in case of any disputes arising out of intellectual properties or copyright. International judges reserve an absolute right for work selection. The Organizing Committee is entitled to reject any unqualified work or works in violation of culture or ethics of all countries, and its member units, with the purpose of public service, possess the right to exhibit, publish (including electronically) and preserve selected works.


Official website:


“East + West” International Design Week

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Visual China Group

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